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Farisa Magazieva


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Farisa Magazieva is an Associate at b2venture, working in the Direct Investments Team. She started as an intern in January 2022 and has been Associate since March 2023. She focuses on Life Sciences and Digital Tech and works at the intersection of b2venture’s angel investor community and founders.

Born in Chechnya and raised in Germany and France, her early years were shaped by the challenges of being a refugee, instilling a strong work ethic and optimism.

"My parents left their entire family behind to provide me with a better education and future, fills me with deep humility and gratitude."

Before university Farisa interned at a Non-Profit in Washington D.C., advocating for equal constitutional rights for underrepresented communities. She then received a scholarship to EBS Universität in Germany, where she studied business and graduated with an exchange at Georgia State University in 2021.

"Entrepreneurship can be a powerful force for change in society, that's one of the reasons I was drawn to venture capital."

Farisa Magazieva

Her passion for entrepreneurship and venture capital led her to work in startups and tech at AWS, Amazon, VAHA, and Choco before joining b2venture as an intern in January 2022.

In 2022, Farisa was selected by Included VC, an organization dedicated to increasing diversity and maximizing fund success in the venture capital industry. She is also a leading team member at 2hearts, a Nonprofit Organization that aims to build diversity in the European ecosystem.

Farisa's interests align with her work in venture capital, with a particular focus on the investor network, life sciences, digital tech, and food tech. Her entrepreneurial spirit, growth mindset, and dedication to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the tech ecosystem make her a valuable asset to the b2venture team and the startups she supports.

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