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Anna Bosch


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Anna joined b2venture in January 2020 as an Analyst in our b2venture fund team after finishing her master in business innovation at the University of St. Gallen. “Originally, I wanted to be a doctor like my mother,” she says. “But I couldn’t stand the sight of blood.”

Instead, Anna studied economics and business in Frankfurt, not quite sure which direction she would take. An internship at the food delivery startup Foodora ended up being a crash course in operations and the chaotic world of a fast-growth startup.

After interning at firms such as Redstone and Earlybird, she made her way to b2venture. The level of responsibility in the beginning was daunting, she says, but the strong culture of learning and teamwork helped, plus she found it inspiring getting to work with so many founders.

“I fell in love with the startup spirit, but I kept asking myself whether the company was growing in the right way. I got interested in wanting to understand the mechanics behind a startup – the business model, the financing, and the like. That’s what drew me to venture capital.”

Anna Bosch

“My father is a jack of all trades - he studied law before becoming a restaurateur with both successes and failures. And now he’s moved on to sculpture and being an artist.” she says with a laugh. “So I grew up with first-hand experience of what it's like to start a new venture - the emotional roller-coaster ride of not knowing if it will work out, the long hours, the trial and error of it all. That’s definitely a reason why I was drawn to this industry.”

But when pushed, she says she definitely takes after her mother. “She’s my absolute hero. I’m an analytical person by nature, just like her. And she brought a lot of stability to our family. So I definitely see it as part of my job to bring order to chaos and help our founders get the most out of our partnership.” In 2023 she was promoted to Principal.

Anna also has a passion for the issues surrounding “ESG” - Environment, Social, and Governance - and works with the entire b2venture team and across our portfolio as our in-house expert for this important set of topics.

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