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Christian Schütz


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Christian Schütz is Partner at b2venture, responsible for managing the firm’s Industrial Technologies Fund, biotech and health-related investments, as well as serving as a member of b2venture’s Board of Directors.

Christian is a seasoned investor who came to b2venture early in his career in 2003, when he was finishing his PhD focusing on venture capital and angel investing.

“I joined the firm back when we were still a matching platform for angel investors and entrepreneurs but were looking to set up our own fund.” 

He helped develop term sheets and structured the first two dedicated funds for b2venture, leading the fundraising and investing in areas such as healthcare, renewable energy and biotechnology.

“I have learned a lot from our angel investor community - we have many experts with a healthcare and medical technology background that helped us make some really great investments over the years.”

Christian Schütz

Christian believes that the collaborative approach with b2venture’s community of angel investors and the ability to leverage their collective knowledge has been a major success factor.

He has actively managed over 35 investments in his time at b2venture, and he is particularly  passionate about making healthcare systems more efficient through technology.

“We’ve been investing in AI startups for a long time, and nowhere is the promise of AI greater than in the healthcare and biotech sectors, where new approaches involving pattern recognition can solve scientific problems and create better health outcomes in breakthrough ways and have the potential to unlock enormous value.”

Christian is also very optimistic that robotic technology will have an impact from healthcare to the energy sector. “Robotics is another driver of innovation, whether it be making surgeries more precise and efficient to helping us scale new approaches to manufacturing and automation.”  

Christian has a PhD in Business Administration and Finance from the EBS Universität for Business and Law and lives near St. Gallen, Switzerland with his family.

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