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Stefano Saeger

Principal | Helvetia Venture Fund

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Stefano Saeger is Principal at the Helvetia Venture Fund managed by b2venture.

He joined the b2venture family in October 2019 as Investment Manager, having previously worked at ABB, where he focused on different startup-related topics including venture investments.

“It was a unique role. I worked for the Group CTO Office and was one of the few business folks in a department full of technical experts. I got to spend some time in Silicon Valley too and focus on startups that could be relevant for ABB’s business.”

Moving to b2venture and the Helvetia Venture Fund led by Michael Wieser was a logical next step.

“The clash of cultures between startups and the corporate world is endlessly fascinating. There is a lot that the agility and focus of a startup can bring to a corporate setting, just as the sheer size of a large organization creates lots of opportunities for startups to find customers and market opportunities.”

Stefano Saeger
Principal | Helvetia Venture Fund

“I originally wanted to do something with sports,” says Stefano. “I’ve always been fascinated by the communal nature of sport, the competitiveness, and its ability to break down barriers. Nothing else in the world can bridge cultures, classes, and nations like a football match.” 

But instead of sports management, Stefano interned at a startup focusing on fan engagement and analytics, which led him on a different path.    

“I spent most of my time in New York, helping the CEO fundraise and build partnerships, so I learned a lot in a short amount of time.”

Stefano was raised in Switzerland by an Italian mother and a German father and feels “at home in Europe”. “If I had to choose between German bread and my mother’s cuisine from Puglia, I’d choose Puglia,” he says with a laugh.

Based in Zurich, Stefano is interested in a wide range of topics, from the future of mobility to finance.  

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